Americanah – Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

    Americanah. A book so good it was featured on Orange is the New Black. Also, a book so good my sister has taken it on holiday with her, so as I’m writing this I’ve had to repeatedly message her while she sunbathes to check whether I remembered everything right. This book was the... Continue Reading →


The Power – Naomi Alderman

When I first started reading ‘The Power’, this year’s Baileys Prize Winner, I wasn’t convinced. The premise was amazing but the writing style didn’t grab me. I felt like it only skimmed the surfaces of each character in order to focus on the plot. But the more I read, the more I felt like that... Continue Reading →

Chick Lit #1

Sometimes I feel like I haven’t read enough feminist classics to be a proper feminist. I’ve dipped in and out of The Second Sex, and had a go at The Female Eunuch. They’re interesting enough and thought-provoking, but they’re not exactly light reading. I fall in love with a book much quicker if it’s kind... Continue Reading →

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