Young + Beautiful

Rosie. Fierce Feminist and Business Owner. 20. How confident would you say you were?    My self-confidence changes minute-by-minute depending on a multitude of factors. When I'm alone in my room, fresh face of perfectly applied make-up, pouting at my mirror, perfect lighting illuminating all the right points of my face, I feel fucking hot.... Continue Reading →


Young + Beautiful

We all hate our bodies. We all want to be longer, thinner, bonier, better.The media ruined us and we're all on a diet. That's what we're told anyhow. I've decided to search out all the young women in my life and quiz them on how they really feel about their bodies. Here is the first interview... Continue Reading →

Reappropriating Reappropriation

Reclaiming words is officially a thing. From queer, to slut and even n*gga marginalised groups are taking back the words so often used against them and wearing them with pride. To an extent it seems like a radical move. Reappropriation allows people to own their identities and stick two fingers up at haters in the... Continue Reading →


  There’s a cobalt pulse shivering beneath my skin. A Y of rivers and rivulets.   A reservoir of worlds behind my eyes and the paths on my palms await pursuit. The lilac shells of my cut short nails cling to my fingertips like limpets on the shore and a row of pearls reveal either... Continue Reading →

Artistic License

Is it vanity that spurs me on – or pure curiosity? I make the most of all my flaws. Boast my awful upturned nose like Kahlo did her brows. Proud. - I usually paint old men with tinted skin, all creased like linen hanging out to dry. I paint myself the same, with wrinkles I... Continue Reading →

Your Body Matters

We’re faced with images and ideologies twenty-four seven and more often than not they tell us that the only thing that matters is how we look. As an entire gender we spend our lives plucking and preening, pinching and purging. We’re pulled from one side of the spectrum to the other. When we’re slim we’re... Continue Reading →

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