Americanah – Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

    Americanah. A book so good it was featured on Orange is the New Black. Also, a book so good my sister has taken it on holiday with her, so as I’m writing this I’ve had to repeatedly message her while she sunbathes to check whether I remembered everything right. This book was the... Continue Reading →


Facing Fear

Anxiety and me go way back. I’ve worn the war wounds, cracked my knuckles and freaked the hell out. These days my anxiety is less of an iron belt cinched tight around my chest and more of a nagging great aunt who comes to visit once in a blue moon. I nod at her, smile... Continue Reading →

Young + Beautiful

Kiran. Cake-Maker and Brainy Lady. 24. Describe your relationship with your body. I have a very difficult and often confusing relationship with my body. There are days when I love the figure I see in the mirror and then there are times when I avoid looking in the mirror altogether. There are days when I feel... Continue Reading →

Young + Beautiful

Quit the tabloids. Halt the glossies. Here’s another look into the really real realities of being a woman with a body and all of the issues that come with it. Told from the point of view of today’s twenty-somethings. KATHERINE. VINTAGE VENDOR AND WORD QUEEN. 23. How confident would you say you were? It can... Continue Reading →

Young + Beautiful

We all hate our bodies. We all want to be longer, thinner, bonier, better.The media ruined us and we're all on a diet. That's what we're told anyhow. I've decided to search out all the young women in my life and quiz them on how they really feel about their bodies. Here is the first interview... Continue Reading →

Dear Diary…

I used to have a book with 365 bedtime stories in it. One for every day of the year, in case you couldn't figure that out for yourself. I can only remember a few of them now; the story for my birthday, my sister’s birthday and the story for January the First. It was only... Continue Reading →

The Perfect Feminist

Not long after I graduated I was chatting about feminism. So far not that unusual. I was getting into it, like I always do. Seriously passionate, all hand gestures, smiles and adrenaline. The words were fast rolling off my tongue. It was all, ‘you know Hadley Freeman says feminism is to gender equality what global... Continue Reading →

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