Me and my wonderful sister Hollie

When we were kids my younger sister used to always say we couldn’t be friends because we were sisters. And I’d be like ewww I wouldn’t want to be friends with you anyway. And then we’d fight. More often than not she’d win even though she was tiny and three years younger than me.

But, in all honesty, my sister is my best friend. We’ve grown up on the same films, the same books, the same food. We’ve worn the same clothes, been to the same countries and got wasted in the same bars. We’ve spent years rolling our eyes at each other when our parents were just too much, trying and failing to take up jogging together, screaming at each other, painting each other and conversing entirely in film quotes. Our brains run so closely that we’re a formidable team in a game of Articulate and no one else will ever understand why our 2010 series of Harry Potter cartoons were quite so hilarious.

The sisterhood is a special club to belong to, and having a real life sister who knows you inside out is even better. When I was younger I used to dream of having a whole army of sisters, younger and older because at the end of the day there’s no one quite like the women you’ve grown up with, as these ladies know:


  1. Sophia, Catherine and Bamba Duleep Singh

If you read my last blog post you’ll know I love this trio. The three sisters wrote to each other constantly, teased each other mercilessly and ultimately would do anything for each other’s happiness. Sophia travelled half way across the world for Bamba, and Catherine stayed in a house full of dogs she hated just so she could spend time with Sophia.


  1. Venus and Serena Williams

Absolute legends in every sense of the world. Venus and Serena are amazingly talented singles tennis players; together they’ve won 14 grand slam titles and even more individually, they are clearly a force to be reckoned with. Away from the courts the two are just as close, often posting photos with both touching and captions on instagram.


  1. Lilo and Nani Palekai, Lilo and Stitch

The scene where Nani and Lilo fight perfectly sums up what it’s like to love your sister unconditionally but also, if we’re honest, bloody hate her at times too. Nani and Lilo absolutely despair at each others impossibleness, scream at each other, bite each other and growl words that don’t even make sense but at the end of the day Nani does everything in her power to keep Lilo with her.


  1. The Sestras, Orphan Black

Sarah manning starts off this Sci-fi series totally independent then she discovers she has not just one clone, but countless sister clones all over the world and they’re being hunted down. The main clones Sarah, Cosima, Alison and Helena (all played fantastically by Tatiana Maslany) might start off as total strangers who couldn’t be more different if they tried but their lives become so entwined as they try to save each other that they end up as close as any sister ever was.


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