How to…. be happy





We all have our down days. Sometimes I just want to stay in bed all day and binge-watch Orphan Black. Sometimes putting on your glad rags feels like too much effort. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. We could all do with being a bit kinder to ourselves sometimes.

Why not try and create a list of things guaranteed to put a spring in your step. Here are some ideas:


  1. Remember just how wonderful the world is. Remember Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa, Sophia Duleep Singh, Malala Yousafzai, Ghandi and a million other wonderful people who would just want us to be happy and good.
  1. Think about how weird life is. We live in a world with zebras and Facebook and trains that travel beneath the sea and galleries full of beautiful things. Mini hoovers, clothes for dogs, Google and red wine.
  1. Have a long relaxing bath with a variety of books (sans bubble bath because I’ve never understood the point of it).
  1. Listen to your favourite music. Make a playlist.
  1. Dress up.
  1. Text your favourite people and ask them to make you smile.
  1. Drink Lady Grey tea and eat biscuits
  1. Ring your mum or your sister or someone you’re super close to.
  1. Plan a trip. Even if you can’t afford to go on it, dreaming never hurt anyone.
  1. Do some writing. Whether it’s poetry, non-fiction or just a stream of consciousness that makes no sense. Writing is therapeutic.
  1. Play a board game.
  1. Cutting up and sticking down.
  1. Dance badly (or dance well if you have to).
  1. Binge-watch Netflix.
  1. Find a sunset. Wait for it. It’ll be worth it.
  1. Hug someone. Always works.
  1. Go get a burrito. Or cheese on toast. Or crisps.
  1. Dress your dog up and take photos.
  1. Sky watch. The sky will never not be amazing.
  1. Cinema.
  1. Learn something. This is my favourite. Just Google random rubbish and soak it up.
  1. Do a quiz. Put Pointless or Fifteen to One on your telly and see how much you know.
  1. Paint your nails.
  1. Plan a night out.
  1. Buy something good (can be anything but with me it’s usually clothes and books).
  1. Exercise (I don’ t partake in this one very often, but the thought is there).
  1. Stamp your feet.
  1. Go somewhere exciting. An art gallery, a restaurant, a theatre. Corp. Anywhere.
  1. Organise/ sort/ clean/ rearrange your books into alphabetical order.
  1. Scream/ sing – whichever. They both sound the same when I try.
  1. Swim.
  1. Take the dog for a walk in the woods. Look at the things around you.
  1. Give money to charity.
  1. Cook.
  1. Read pointless lists of funny things on Buzzfeed.
  1. Cry.
  1. Watch a film.
  1. Wear fancy clothes and make yourself feel good.
  1. Photograph things.
  1. If all else fails….drink red wine.


I hope you get happy again soon!




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