Bathroom, 2013

Bathroom, 2013

Sylvia wrote of the panacea effect.

A hot bath cures all. Emptied tank.

Scald your senses back to life.


White artex skies; blooming since

the summer of ’93 when Mum balanced

on stepladders with a full womb.

Heavy in a flood of august heat.

Expecting –


shampoo soup and mermaid games.

Drying off by a fan heater spitting out

blue sparks.


In winter, mould swells in corners and

the outside wall sweats. Breathes of seventy-seven

years. Steam curls out from hot wet skin.

And the water beats to the drum of

my pulse. Da-dum in my throat.

Now da-dum in my ears.

Da-dum. Da-dum.


Written what feels like a lifetime ago now, in 2013. 



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