Through the Looking Glass

We had mirrors growing up. Most people do. We had a mirror in the medicine cabinet, a mirror on my wall, round make-up mirrors sitting on sideboards. I’ve always loved the way sunsets dart from their silver skins like swifts, bursting orange onto unsuspecting walls. The first time I saw my adult self full length... Continue Reading →


Politics of Pride

If someone asks me outright I say I’m bi. I’m probably abusing that term, using it as a way of appeasing the narrow minded. Explaining something complicated with only two letters. Really, I don’t know. I like some women, I like some men. I don’t really care what gender someone is, or whether they’re cis... Continue Reading →

Go On, Be a Feminist

Thanks to people like Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Emma Watson, Caitlin Moran and co. feminism is becoming ever more popular. People are finally seeing that the fight is not over. We may have moved mountains in the past hundred years, but there's still a long way to go. Unfortunately there are still small pockets of society... Continue Reading →

The Power – Naomi Alderman

When I first started reading ‘The Power’, this year’s Baileys Prize Winner, I wasn’t convinced. The premise was amazing but the writing style didn’t grab me. I felt like it only skimmed the surfaces of each character in order to focus on the plot. But the more I read, the more I felt like that... Continue Reading →

A Book A Week

I've blogged before on my love of books. The stories they sell to us, the escapes they offer, the worth they hold. The art of choosing just one (or I'll admit, sometimes two or three) from rows upon rows of them in bookshops. The shared act of discussing them, swapping them, lending and borrowing. Collecting... Continue Reading →

Not All Men

Why did the chicken cross the road? Because it was dark and there was a man walking too close behind her. Yeah, yeah I know: not all men, right? But tell me something. It’s dark, you’re nine stone wet through, couldn’t crush a grape and a 6 foot guy you’ve never met before starts walking... Continue Reading →

Facing Fear

Anxiety and me go way back. I’ve worn the war wounds, cracked my knuckles and freaked the hell out. These days my anxiety is less of an iron belt cinched tight around my chest and more of a nagging great aunt who comes to visit once in a blue moon. I nod at her, smile... Continue Reading →

Young + Beautiful

Rosie. Fierce Feminist and Business Owner. 20. How confident would you say you were?    My self-confidence changes minute-by-minute depending on a multitude of factors. When I'm alone in my room, fresh face of perfectly applied make-up, pouting at my mirror, perfect lighting illuminating all the right points of my face, I feel fucking hot.... Continue Reading →

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